CORE GROUP: Stakeholder engagement, coordination and out-reach mechanisms

Multi-stakeholder Implementation Core Group

Viet Nam and the EU recognize that stakeholders have a crucial role to play in the implementation of the Agreement and that it is essential that effective mechanisms for their contribution to the enforcement of VNTLAS are established.

The focus of stakeholder engagement and coordination will be a Multi-Stakeholder Implementation Core Group, including representatives from the private sector, associations, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, FLEGT project holders, and verification agencies as active members and development partners in an observer status.

Functions and obligations

  • To provide a focal point for effective communication and information exchange on VPA-FLEGT implementation and the Joint Implementation Framework.
  • To propose issues for consideration by JPC/JIC to be recorded in the Minutes of Core Group meetings.
  • To promote coordination and synergy between VPA-FLEGT related actions.
  • To convene sub-groups as may be needed to work jointly on specific tasks.
  • To be a focal point for coordinating and supporting the production of standard and consistent training and information materials on VPA and VNTLAS.
  • To propose, agree on and support Forum events on topics and issues related to FLEGT, the VPA and VNTLAS.
  • Core Group members are also responsible for relaying information to their partners and other stakeholders.

One of the functions of the Core Group will be to coordinate and work jointly on several priority actions, including:

  • Information, training and coaching programs for the private sector
  • Information and communications strategy
  • Coordinated and complementary approaches to VPA/VNTLAS monitoring and impact assessment


  • Core Group meetings are held in advance of each JPC/JIC meeting (regular meetings) and interim meetings may be held as required.
  • The Core Group is chaired by VNFOREST and co-chaired by one active member of the Core Group on a revolving basis. The co-chairs are nominated by the Core Group and will cover the period between regular meetings.
  • The co-chairs are responsible for supporting the preparation of Core Group meetings and for taking minutes of meetings in coordination with VNFOREST.
  • The co-chairs are responsible for presenting the minutes of regular Core Group meetings, including any issues arising for consideration by JPC/JIC, at meetings of the JEM and JPC/JIC.
  • The Core Group may propose issues for consideration by JPC/JIC in cases where an issue is proposed by a member and supported by two other members. In this case, the minutes of meeting will record the number of supporting members and any opposing viewpoints.
As of February 2018, 28 organizations have registered as members of the core group. In the future, information and issues related to the implementation of the VPA-FLEGT will be communicated and disseminated to the public through the core group.Organizations or institutions interested in becoming a member can send their registration forms to the FLEGT Lacey Standing office through




















Development partners:

  • Embassy of Finland
  • EU Delegation

FLEGT Standing Office , Vietnam Administration of Forestry
Address: 2 Ngọc Hà, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
Fax: 024. 38438793