CORE GROUP: Stakeholder engagement, coordination and out-reach mechanisms

In the VPA negotiation phase, a variety of stakeholder consultation and engagement mechanisms were employed. Since 2010, a series of national consultation workshops, working groups and stakeholder meetings were organised by VNFOREST on the contents of the Agreement. The timber industry associations have been an important intermediary for the engagement of private sector actors. In 2012, the VNGO FLEGT Network was established and has been involved in a range of actions including community consultations, research and policy briefings, livelihood impact assessment and independent monitoring studies. The VNGO FLEGT Network currently includes around 60 members nationwide. The FLEGT projects have also been instrumental in promoting stakeholder engagement and building new relationships between stakeholder groups including CSOs, the private sector and the media.

In the implementation phase there is a need to strengthen the mechanisms of multi-stakeholder engagement and coordination around the Joint Implementation Framework (JIF). At the same time, there will be a need to broaden the out-reach to stakeholder groups that have so far only had limited involvement in the process. In particular, provincial government leadership and local government authorities will be critical to the success of implementing the VNTLAS, for which it will be necessary to introduce a program of sensitisation and information provision. There is a need to strengthen out-reach with local communities and local CSOs, and with household timber growers and processors operating in the domestic market in Viet Nam. It will also be necessary to strengthen out-reach with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies operating in Viet Nam, as well as with private sector actors in the international arena.   

Multi-Stakeholder Implementation Core Group

The Multi-Stakeholder Implementation Core Group (“Core Group”) will comprise of 20 to 30 members, joining on a voluntary basis through an official letter of registration. The Core Group includes representatives from the following stakeholder groups:

As of February 5, 2018, 28 organizations (52 members) were registered as members of the multi-stakeholder Core Group on the VPA/FLEGT Agreement. Therefore, those who wish to participate but have not yet registered or registered but are not listed on the list, please send the application form to the FLEGT Standing Office and Lacey at before January 12, 2018

About the LOGO of the VPA / FLEGT Multi-stakeholder Core Group: The Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) wanted to develop a separate LOGO for the Multi-stakeholder Core Group on the VPA / FLEGT Agreement and called for the Organizations that will and have participated as members of the Core Group contribute ideas or can send a draft of LOGO to the VNFOREST via email address: and before January 15, 2018.

The Joint Implementation Framework (JIF) was approved by the EU and Vietnam at the 1st Joint Implementation Committee Meeting.

The Joint Implementation Framework (Vietnamese version)











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