Sharing experience on negotiations and implementation in the FLEGT-VPA process between Vietnam and Indonesia

Indonesia VPA-FLEGT entered into force in 2004 but it has only been passed through the EU Parliament and the EU Council recently and Indonesia is planning to issue FLEGT licenses on 15 November at the earliest.

Vietnam is going to conclude the negotiation of its VPA to the EU later this year so any experiences and lessons learned from Indonesia will help to make its learning curve less stiff. Therefore, Vietnamese business associations and civil society organizations (CSO) are particularly interested in learning about roles of business associations, NGOs and CSOs in future FLEGT VPA implementation in Indonesia. What are the implications for businesses and communities when VPA is implemented and the role of the government and CSOs or business associations in Indonesia in supporting businesses and communities alike? In that context, the Center for Education and Development (CED) with the support from GIZ will organize an exchange for sharing experiences of negotiations and implementation in the FLEGT-VPA process between Vietnam and Indonesia.

The exchange program aims to:

  • Update on VPA FLEGT process in Vietnam (information sharing and  discussions)
  • Update and share lessons from Indonesia (informal sharing and discussions)
  • Discussions and Q& A (focus on questions from Vietnamese participants, sharing the work of other regional institutions that both countries can leverage in the future).

Working schedule for more information.

Workshop report



Indonesia-European Union FLEGT VPA “Managing FLEGT LICENCE”

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