New in VITV- Final workshop in Hanoi

In March 2013 the European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) 995 came into effect, creating a technical barrier for the exportation of timber and timber products to the EU. The regulations implemented require due diligence in exporters to provide evidence of timber legality. A consequence of these regulations is the reduction of prices in timber as it has been since necessary to factor costs for EU operators supporting the due diligence process.

The Vietnamese Government has been in discussion with the EU over the establishment of the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade – Voluntary Partnership Agreement (FLEGT/VPA) and although official results have not been finalised, positive progress has been made. The VPA will allow Vietnam to grant FLEGT licenses for timber and associated timber products in order to facilitate the exportation to EU nations. The VPA is expected to be signed by the end of this year and implemented in 2016.

The final workshop of Center for Education and Development (with co-operation of partner organisations) on the project “Capacity building of business associations and media to engage in FLEGT to provide information on FLEGT and related issues” has taken place in Hanoi in order to review the project activities.