FLEGT Readiness Checklist

The enterprise can conduct a quick self-assessment to identify the company’s FLEGT-VPA adaptability, following the suggested questions below:

1. You are legally registered and licensed as a business, and approved for conducting the defined business activities with the relevant authorities as required by law?


2. You fulfill all obligatory taxes and fees required for conducting the defined business activities?


3. You are compliant with relevant environmental requirements?


4. You comply with all occupational health and safety requirements?


5. You comply with all requirements associated with legal employment?


6. You adhere to applicable transport, trade, import or export regulations, procedures and restrictions?


7. You know your supply chains and have the necessary information for them. You have and maintain up-to- date information about products the buy and sell?


8. You know the timber you are purchasing is legal, or low risk of being illegally harvested?


9. You have access to information about your forest product supply chains to a level that allows you to confirm and document that the material/products originate from forest sources with low risk of legal violations or that potential risks have already been mitigated?


10. You avoid high risk sources, including wood from countries with sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council or the EU Council on timber imports or exports and wood from countries or areas with prevalence of armed conflicts?


11. If necessary and/or appropriate, you have in place a system of segregation or a chain of custody system (CoC)?


12. You have a comprehensive record keeping system in place?


13. You are maintaining the records for at least 5 years?


Adjusted from the questionnaires from NEPCON project.