FLEGT Licensing systems and steps

  • A FLEGT license is a license issued by a timber-producing country that has a Voluntary
  • Partnership Agreement with the European Union. The license verifies that the timber is legal.
  • The ultimate responsibility for licensing lies with the VPA Partner Government. Under its VPA, each Partner Country will assign a Licensing Authority with the task of issuing FLEGT licenses. Licenses will be issued on the basis of evidence of acceptable control systems that assure that the timber covered has been produced in compliance with the legality definition and that timber of unknown origin, or illegally-produced timber, has been excluded from its supply chain.

Two types of licenses to choose from:

  • Operator-based licences. The licensing authority ascertains that a particular operator has a system to control the legal origin of all wood and production. All shipments from the operator would be covered by FLEGT licences as long as period audits show that the approved systems remain effective. The licensing authority may recognize the existing systems being used by the operator, such as certification systems and wood tracing systems (e.g. FSC Chain and Custody – CoC -) as long as those systems meet the requirements from the licensing authority.
  • Shipment-based licences. Under this arrangement, each consignment of timber products to be exported to the EU is individually licensed by the licensing authority. This approach, in which a licensing authority checks evidence of legal origin supplied for each shipment, will generally require a national control system to be put into place that will meet the requirements for legality assurance systems.

More information: Fact Sheet: FLEGT-licensed timber
More information: B2_Flegt_BR8_2007_en.pdf

In Vietnam (source: VNFOREST) – subject to change according to the signed VPA.