Recruiting project communication specialist


Background information  

The EU FAO FLEGT Programme promotes the implementation of the FLEGT Action Plan by improving forest governance, providing technical assistance, and building capacity through funding projects in eligible countries. In pursuit of these objectives, the EU FAO FLEGT Programme has provided support for the project entitled Ensuring timber legality in the domestic market and promote the use of legal and sustainable timber in Vietnam”. The project is implemented by the Center for Education and Development (CED) in partnerships with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). Please see for more information on CED, and for more information on VCCI. 

The overall project objective is: To promote responsible domestic timber procurement and consumption in Vietnam.  

Under this project, CED will partner with some selected business associations and universities, namely: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Universities in Hanoi, Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen in order to produce, achieve or deliver the following outputs: 

Output 1: Increased understanding of the knowledge, attitudes and practices of legal timber and timber products amongst Vietnamese users 

Output 2: The promotion of responsible timber consumption amongst timber users of Vietnam. 

Output 3: Monitoring, evaluation and visibility framework developed 

To implement the activities proposed under the above-mentioned project, CED is currently looking for a Communication Specialist. The successful candidate will report to the Project Manager and work with CED’s team and will be based at CED’s office in Hanoi. 

Qualification and competencies required: 

  • Minimum five years of experience in the field of public information and communication for the development field.   
  • Background in development studies, communications, journalism or equivalent 
  • Training and experience in computer aided design  
  • Demonstrated experience in writing articles and text for professional publications 
  • Excellent writing skills. 
  • Excellent knowledge and skills in MS Office, desktop publishing programs, and website design and management; 
  • Keen understanding of forestry governance issues in Vietnam. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Vietnamese. 
  • Strong drafting abilities in both English and Vietnamese. 
  • Proactive and independent work style essential. 

Overall responsibilities: 

The Communication Specialist will be responsible for advising the development and implementation of an effective communication and media plan under the direction of the Project Manager. His/her primary responsibilities will include:  

  • Developing communications and information strategies to promote and share information about FLEGT/VPA in accordance with EU-FAO FLEGT program guidelines and procedures  
  • Working with the project team and partners including VCCI, its branches, and local businesses to encourage private sector engagement;  
  • Producing public relations materials to promote programs and FLEGT related issues  
  • Providing assistance for the project outreach (e.g. developing tailored reading materials, briefing materials, and organizing workshops)  
  • Providing inputs and advice for CED team, with focal points on FLEGT issues including management of press and media inquiries during the project implementation.  
  • Developing indicators and tools for monitoring and evaluation of media campaigns and media plan implementation  
  • Edit press releasesspeeches, project information sheets and briefs as need for media outlets 
  • Reviewing and editing program brochures, leaflets, and information packages (if any 
  • Reviewing information packages and updates, and providing edits as needed for website updating  
  • Working time: 12 working days, spanning 12 months. 

Interested candidates can submit letters of interest and CVs to